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Creativity in a Shared Office

5 key benefits of coworking

Co-working is not only a trend, it has incredibly valuable perks too for business growth and personal growth. If you are sitting on the fence about whether to find a co-working space, private office space or hot desk facilities in your area, then hopefully this helps make the decision easier.

Lower expenses

Creating an office space (with boardrooms, a central kitchen, superb event space and great outside areas) that is professional, clean, well designed, fully equipped and well maintained would be incredibly costly for businesses to do independently and would be impossible for most businesses to attain easily. That’s why the concept of coworking spaces is so phenomenal – now businesses can look professional and impress clients without having the hassle of creating and maintaining their own space from scratch – let us do the hard work for you.

Better networking

Imagine being in an office space where groups of likeminded individuals gather every day from various industries with various skill sets, strengths and offerings? That’s what it’s like at WorkCentral offices, where casual coffee’s at the coffee bar can lead to experience shares or potential business deals, and the social events held allow for more casual business interactions.

Be more productive

One thing that is tough to put a price on is the collective energy of like-minded business people all focussing on ways to improve and grow their businesses – being caught up in energy like that can do wonders for a demotivated moment or business slump, which all business owners and employees can relate to. It’s much easier to get out of those moments and feel motivated and productive again when surrounded by other people who haven’t stopped around you.

Private spaces & professional settings

With flexible office space, you will be able to choose what works best in terms of small or large private offices, hot desks, and being able to book and use equipped boardrooms when you need. Often, small businesses (including solopreneurs) will find the benefit of having a private office space, but being in a co-working setting, can have the benefits of being amongst other businesses when needed. Being able to move right in definitely has its perks, and you will immediately raise your business profile to your network and clients by not having to meet at coffee shops for business meetings anymore.

Collaboration & learning

Being part of a coworking community means gaining access to other businesses that are otherwise not easily accessible. This can lead to collaborations and skills sharing, which can have a big impact in business and personally for individuals.

If you are in Johannesburg, Northriding, and need office space for any budget, book a tour with us to check out our private offices for various team sizes, co-working spaces, or hot desk facilities. We cater to entrepreneurs and businesses and supply our fully serviced office spaces to those that want to formalise their structures and focus on what’s important – business growth.