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Work Central is passion about the cogs that drive the entrepreneurial spirit

Work Central is passionate about the entrepreneurial spirit

At Work Central, we spend a considerable amount of time with entrepreneurs who run their own businesses in our coworking space. We see them as the trailblazers who aren’t scared to take risks and who bravely look uncertainty in the eye. They’re the business pioneers with fearless mindsets and courageous spirits who work tirelessly towards shattering glass ceilings and reaching their dreams.

Of course it takes an original idea for an entrepreneur to become successful, but much victory lies in the qualities the entrepreneur exudes. These attributes work together like cogs in a well-oiled machine, driving the entrepreneur to reach new heights. Whether these qualities are inherent from birth or nurtured through life experience, they are widely regarded as what makes an entrepreneur successful.


Passion is defined as “an intense feeling of conviction” or “a strong devotion to some activity or concept”. Simply put, you can feel passion for something in your heart and soul. Passion is the driving force behind entrepreneurship. It is ultimately what gives rise to an idea and fuels the motivation required to turn the idea into a profitable venture.  As the pillar on which entrepreneurial survival instincts rest, passion results in pure grit and tenacity. The more passionate the entrepreneur, the more likely they are to succeed. As long as there is passion, there is purpose.


An entrepreneurial leader has a steadfast self-belief, strong sense of purpose and resolute core values that they never falter from. These attributes turn the vision into a reality, creating a business atmosphere conducive to both personal and business growth. Entrepreneurs are excellent communicators and lead with both the head and heart. They are role models who set an example and provide unwavering support and guidance to their team.


When ambition fuels your will to succeed, there’s no stopping you! Ambition is very closely related to our emotions and desires. It generates the energy needed to chase after goals and overcome challenges on a daily basis, and in the long-term. Often, ambitious people have well-planned growth strategies in place, and consistently execute these plans in order to achieve their personal and business goals. Ambitious entrepreneurs naturally cultivate a desire for goal achievement within their businesses. They don’t settle for less!


One of the most crucial traits an entrepreneur has is the ability to remain positive in the face of adversity. Starting and running a business is no mean feat, especially in the current worldwide economic instability caused by the Covid 19 pandemic. Attitude is everything, and resilience is key when steering a business through hard times. Entrepreneurs don’t give up and don’t give in! They turn to optimism and harness the power of positive thinking in order to push through.


Adaptability is a quality that allows an entrepreneur to deal with the curve balls thrown their way. These individuals recognise that times change and nothing lasts forever. Their open mindset helps them to purposefully evolve with the times. As new trends are identified and market conditions change, they adjust their course. They are problem solvers and actively find creative solutions where there seem to be none.


An innovative entrepreneur is a person who discovers new things. They create something from nothing. This is more than a desired quality – it is a necessity – as entrepreneurs must innovate in order to compete in the market place. Not afraid to think differently, innovators constantly question the status quo. It is in their nature to push boundaries and to never take no for an answer.


Entrepreneurs are self-reliant individuals who have something of value to contribute to society. They possess a strong sense of ownership and realise that taking full responsibility for all business decisions will help them learn lessons to prepare for the future. As a result, they improve, move forward, and achieve success. A large part of being an entrepreneur is keeping things real and honest, while endeavouring to transform the world.


Integrity is the ability to do the right thing, no matter the doubts or temptations that come one’s way. Sound business practice is built on the solid foundation of values, ethics, respect and trustworthiness. Principled entrepreneurs act in good faith and consciously display values of honesty and fairness.


Courage is the ability to do what needs to be done, regardless of the cost or risk involved. Courage requires a large amount of self-confidence. It takes a special person to forge ahead into unchartered territory and go where no-one has gone before. The path less travelled isn’t an easy one, but in the world of business it is more likely to be the most profitable one. It is important to note that courage is not the absence of fear, it’s the ability to continue despite the fear. Entrepreneurs have the courage to persist and above all else, trust their gut instinct.


No man is an island. Entrepreneurs need to surround themselves with high-calibre people who prescribe to the same notions and aspirations as they do. In order for the entrepreneur to attract and retain talent, it is imperative they appreciate the complexity of human relationships and treat their employees with a deep level of understanding and empathy, compassion and mutual respect. Creating a positive, kind and friendly work environment for employees goes a long way to increase productivity and goal attainment within the business.

Work Central believes in the entrepreneurial spirit

If you’re a passionate entrepreneur steering your business through these very uncertain times, needing a supportive work environment with the right infrastructure so you can continue to innovate and inspire, contact us at Work Central.

At our serviced offices in Northriding, Johannesburg, our office space is fully-scalable so you can increase or decrease space as you need it. This allows you to adapt easily to ever-changing market conditions. 

At Work Central, your team can work safely and productively as only the strictest of Covid protocols are adhered to. This makes it easier to remain positive and focused in these very stressful times.

We have everything an entrepreneur needs to take their passion and ambition to new heights! Our open shared spaces, private offices and training rooms are all professionally finished, with state-of-the-art equipment for hire and catering services available. We provide call answering in your company name, reception services, superfast internet and WiFi, ultra-modern print, copying and scanning services, telephone line rental, virtual office services and, of course, a backup generator. And as technology forms the backbone of a great business offering, you’re in good hands at Work Central, as The IT Company is inhouse and provides onsite and remote IT services.

Entrepreneurs are fighters by nature, optimistic and resilient. It is in their DNA to never give up and never give in. Lead with intent at Work Central. Contact us to find out more.

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